Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deck the Halls

This past weekend, we decorated our family Christmas tree. Last year we bought an artificial tree and I really enjoy having it because we can put it up early and not have to worry about it drying out. However, I do miss the smell of a fresh tree in our house...I love that smell. We got all the ornaments up after Owen went to bed...figured decorating a Christmas tree and chasing a toddler around...well...trying to keep him from tearing them all down would be a bit of a challenge. The next morning when he came downstairs we were going to video tape his reaction....it turned out to be more of a reaction from us because he went right for the tree and immediately starting pulling at the ornaments. However, since we have thought him to be "easy" with the tree and we gave him several ornaments that he is allowed to touch that are located at the bottom of the tree, he is doing very well with it. I can now even go in the next room knowing that he will not attack the tree and have it down and the ornaments all over the place! He loves our Christmas tree....he gets very excited every morning when he comes and wants it "on..on" Such a fun age...he LOVES Christmas!

O Christmas Tree

O's ornament he made at Lunch with Santa

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