Friday, December 17, 2010

FOL Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa was WILD....not wild in a bad way....just trying to contain an almost 2 year old from running over to Santa every time you let him down or take your eyes off of him....whew...Owen loves, loves, loves, Santa! This makes me very happy because last year he would not even look at him. He loves to not only look at Santa, but he also enjoys sitting in his lap and would probably stay with him for the rest of the day if we would let him. He is hilarious when he sees Santa.... he shouts "Anta caus" and claps his hands and runs over to him. When we were waiting in line (which was long) he was so excited that he seriously could not contain himself. I tried to explain to him that we have to wait our turn....well let's just say he's 2...Brent ended up having to walk around with him while I waited in line and when his turn got closer they joined me. You should have seen his face...he was so proud when he finally got to sit on his lap...he had this "everybody look at me grin" on his was precious...I could just eat him up! Afterwards we had to distract him through art work and food because if we took our eyes off of him for a split second he would dart over to Santa...which really wasn't a bad was just that other kids needed to have their turns and I don't think they wanted this random 2 year old in their picture! ha! Anyway, we left shortly after and dropped by a local train depot and took some pics....Owen loves trains....hummmm wonder what Santa has in store?

Family portrait with Santa & Mrs. Claus

Owen feeling very special sitting in Santa's lap.

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carroll1954 said...

I will try one more time! Little O is precious. I'm so glad he isn't afraid of Santa. I must say in the railroad pics he favors his Mimi when she was little. I can't wait to see his face Christmas!

Love You,
Papa and Mimi