Monday, December 13, 2010

FOL Christmas Play

Last Wednesday, Owen had his very first Christmas play at school. It was so incredibly cute! The play consisted of a story of the birth of Christ told through each class performing it through songs. Owen's class was the last class to come out....they came in the sanctuary pushing a birthday cake with birthday hats on! So cute! When they got to the end of the aisle they all started singing happy birthday to Jesus. All the other kids were sitting down....up popped Owen and he started dancing....I am not trying to brag (but I can because he's my child right?), but he did an awesome, awesome job!!! He started to squeal and at the end he shouted YAY and clapped over and over....of course the audience was eating it up! He was so cute and I am so very proud of him. Afterwards we went to the fellowship hall and enjoyed cookies and punch....have I ever mentioned to you how much this kid LOVES cookies....He will definitely enjoy all the tasty treats this Christmas...haha! Anyway, we packed it up and headed home...Owen was just so wound up and happy....I truly think that he was proud of himself :-) Such a cute, cute age....why can't we just put on the freeze button!

Owen getting geared up for his performance

Clapping and dancing (sorry the pic is a bit was hard to focus b/c of the lighting)

Owen's class entering in

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